Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Laughter in the Window

The only sibling I have ever had died as an infant before I was even born. Therefore, it's safe to say, I have always been an only child. I've never had that person constantly with me to fight with, play with, argue with or laugh with all my life. I have never understood that "bond" that people talk about having with their brother or sister. And, just ask David, I never learned to share. I never learned what it feels like to know that I always had a best friend at a moment's notice. So, when I first had Belle and David was talking about having another one, it about blew my mind. I mean, I knew I didn't want her to be like me and be alone all her life because I could tell almost immediately she was not cut from the "loner" rock. But at the same time, I was so scared. I have seen so many sibling relationships not make it thru the years. So, from the time I found out I was pregnant with Luke, I began praying. Praying that they would love each other unconditionally ALL their lives!

Fast forward to a few days ago when I was cleaning out Luke's closet. Luke has the toy chest his grandpa made for Belle in front of his window in his room and he just loves to climb up on it and attempt to destroy my blinds just to catch a glimpse of our "busy" street. So, to keep them occupied, as they had both just awoke from a nap, I raised the blinds. They proceeded to sit in the window for right at an hour and laugh hysterically at each other! I ran to grab my camera and got a few shots and a video of it.

Who knew they could be that funny?

Down right belly laughing!

Not sure how much more Belle can take!

As I look at these pictures I just fall in love with these kids all over again. I can hear their belly laughing piercing thru all of the troubles of my mind and pains in my heart. They remind me that the things of this world are only temporary. They are brother and be there for each other at all times. To give the other one a hug when they need it and stern talking to when they need it (and trust me...they tell each other what they think). These pictures and this sound have just blessed me so much that I had to share. Sit back and let the giggles wash away all of your worries....

**Edited Addition: We should be likewise as brothers and sisters in the Kingdom, too, right? Be an encouragement to each other...give each other a hug when they need it...tell them the truth when they need it...Edify each other and Glorify Christ, right? So why don't we?


Tiffany said...

Funny kids you got there!

tait's one and only said...

You'll always have a sister in me!

John and Alison............. said...

I love these kids to death!
Have you figured out how we can watch the "movie" on this blog?