Thursday, August 30, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys!

Yes. Last night in nursery I noticed Luke sneezing and drainage running from his nose. "Please, Lord! Let's not be getting sick." I gingerly wiped his precious, little button nose only to see on the tissue a tinge of purple.

Yes, purple.

So, I laid him down and looked up the short tunnel and didn't see anything. Ok...just something weird in the air. More drainage, more tissues, more purple.

Did I mention I don't recall purple being in the palette of colors that usually comes from that cavity? Just checking.

So, I remind myself to remind myself when I get home to use the great hospital bulb syringe, you know...the one that has the suction power of, say, an undercurrent in the Gulf of Mexico during hurricane season, and make sure nothing has made it's way in there.

A few minutes later, little Taz freezes...and shakes...and screams. I go to pick him up and he is stiff! I look and peeking out of the bottom of the right nostril...a grape.


I'm sure he fells much better now.

Now that his sinus cavity is done being a wine press.


Tiffany said...

Only your son...

He is just like his you may need to start worrying NOW!

John and Alison............. said...

At least he keeps you on your toes!!! Hee! Hee! I have never laughed so hard when you told me that story last night!

bec said...

Ah, yes...the old "hide the grape up your nose" trick. We musn't forget that "children learn by example." *Har! Har! Har!(evil laugh)*

The Proctors said...

That's hilarious! Boys are so funny!! You wonder what makes them think..."hey...I think I'll stick this up my nose."

bec said...

ya know...I was least it was just a mushy old grape! I know a guy who had 7 paper clips and a thumb tack stuck up his nose all at the same time. I also know a woman who had $30 worth of change in her colon! You see, it could always be worse!!

Tiffany said...

Be glad it was a grape..and not a fork!!