Tuesday, August 21, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

There really isn't! Thanks to the president of my company and to my Father-in-Law, Belle and I were able to swap our return destination tickets to Little Rock for ones to Detroit Metro. After over an hour delay on the tarmac at LaGuardia, this little Momma was beginning to sweat a little.

A lot.

I knew we only had about twenty minutes to connect in Cincinnati and that was not faring well already being an hour behind. But, the pilot assured us he would make up time in the air and our flight time would only be 1h30m. ONCE WE WOULD GET AIRBORN! By my watch, that meant we had exactly 6 minutes upon landing (not including taxi-ing, parking, and unloading) to make it to our connecting flight. So, the flight attendant must have been pretty tired of the cranky passengers complaining.

"Attention passengers. If you do not have a tight connection, please remain seated so those who do can try to make their plane."

Belle...give me your shoes. (Flip flops are not conducive to high-speed chasing.)

Luckily, we at least land in the same concourse as our connecting gate. We need to get to C4, so we follow the signs to C4, and what do we see upon arrival...gates M-T! Hell-o...C4 is supposed to be here. Who knew C4 was between the M and N signs. Thank you, fellow passenger who saw the tears in my eyes.

We sit, store our carryons appropriately and make sure our tables are in the upright and locked position. They close the door. Exactly 3 minutes, people! 3 minutes from the time we sat until they closed the door. For those of you who know me any at all know me and a 3 minute cushion do not get a long very well.

We landed and went straight to family visitation, then to dinner, then the next family visitation where me and Lukey opted to leave early for a long winter's nap (which in Michigan compared to here DID feel like winter!) Up at 7:00 for breakfast, back to the hotel to change and load up and then off to the funeral, graveside, dinner, grave again and then around 6:00 EST begin the trek home. We made it back to Conway around 8:00 am Saturday morning. Sweet mercy we have still not caught up!

My parents came in to bring us the dogs back that night and invited all of us to go to church with them in Pangburn (more of that car riding that we have become so fond of, or rather our tushs grafted to the cloth on the seats). We didn't get home from there until 5:00 then we headed to get something to eat and then to see my precious nephew at my brother-in-law's. Home late, down to bed, and up for work at 4:45 am!

Raise your hand if you wished you were me...

No, really...despite the constant go we were on, I couldn't be more thankful for coworkers, friends, children, family and God for giving them all to me. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be there for my mother-in-law when she needed me so. I'm thankful for traveling grace (yeah, you little blue Honda know who you are). I'm thankful for love.

Hug someones neck and tell 'em you love 'em. Life is a vapor...

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bec said...

As horribly jealous as I am/was I am so happy that you guys had such a fantastic time...although I'm sure you would've liked to have had a little more sleep!