Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oh, How I Wish It Were Me

For Belle's birthday, my girlfriend Tammy bought her a professional "kids" spa pedicure and manicure. Because that's just what big girls do! She LOVES to do her hands and feet when I do mine anyway, so this would be a huge deal.

Until we walked in...

I took her with me to the women's Friday night dinner to start her "Girls Night Out" with mom. She even wanted to get all dressed up in her dressed up and put on her necklace and everything. After all it was her night!

After we headed to the salon. The nail tech just kept giggling at Belle over and over. It was kinda freaking Belle out just a little.

Ok, a lot.

So much so that I was worried I wouldn't get a picture that was worth much. You know, with the scared looking face and all. But she finally got over her fear enough to enjoy what I wish was happening to me.

Getting the Spa Treatment

Time for the Nails

One Beautiful Birthday Girl

From there we did what would make a girls night out even better...went shopping with some girlfriends then headed to Shake's for some icecream! What else could a girl want?

(There are more pictures in the "Belle Time" Album of our Kodak Gallery.)


The Proctors said...

Oh...that looks like so much fun! I bet she had a blast! Sounds like a great birthday present!

bec said...

Can anyone say DIVA?!?!
That's my girl!!