Saturday, November 24, 2007

Christmas Time is Here...Happiness and Cheer...Fun for all That Children Call...Their Favorite Time of Year!

This is truly our favorite time of year. Not only does it celebrate the birth of our Lord, but it just doing all of these family things together does the heart good. The kids love the decorations, David loves the weather and I love remembering this time as the best times of my life...when I shared each of these kids first Christmas'.

So, while Belle was busy describing to her Rudolph that Christmas was not about Santa but really about "God things", David drug the decorations out of the attic. Over the course of Tuesday thru Friday, we began working on the decorating. David still has to put lights on the roof, and after that is done, I'll post pictures of it all.

But, the erecting of the tree is always my favorite things to capture. It has always been Belle's favorite part, and this would be Luke's first year to help. We intentionally completely revamped our tree about 3 years ago when Belle broke some ornaments on our old tree. We decided that Christmas decorating shouldn't involve a lot of swatting and "no-nos", so we changed the tree to a "candy Christmas" tree and everything on it is now non-breakable.

So, Friday night was the time. We got the tree together and David went to put the star on...dead. It was completely dead. So, we headed out (on the busiest shopping day of the year) to find a new star. Once it was properly in place, the kids went to town. I got some really sweet shots again this year. All photos are on our photos site, but here are just a few of my favorites.

Waiting patiently to decorate

We are great decorators

Luke's mad skillz

What does Lukey see?

Belle sees it too!

Sweet Belle

Be still my heart...

Look ma! The tree!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

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Alicia said...

These pictures of the kids decorating the tree are beautiful. I love the ones titled, "What does Lukey see?" and "Sweet Belle." You need to enter those in a photo contest. And it brought a tear to my eye that Alison gave you the manger set and shared our family tradition with you of moving Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem through the month of December. I am glad you are going to be using it with your kids and am touched that she remembers if with such fond affection.
Thanks for keeping us posted on the Overstreet happenings through your blog.
Love ya!