Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Luke's Skillz

Luke is the only kid in his class at church. Don't cry for me...he LOVES the attention! And he would probably just yank toys away from the others, you know...if there were any.

However, it helps when he has loved his nursery teacher since he was, oh, 3 weeks old. He didn't know it then, but she's pretty defensive of him...those other little 2-year-old girls at his day school best step off! It also helps when said teacher is one of my best girlfriends, Tiffany...who he also sees at least once a week outside of church.

But a month or so ago, she began taking the opportunity to teach him, rather than just watch him push the NOISY toy vacuum around the nursery (we are working our way up to the Dyson so he can help Mommy). Here are just a few of the things he has learned...

What a great start to a well-developed vocabulary!

What else do you need to know?


John and Alison............. said...

He has the BEST teacher!!! I love these little video clips of his new vocabulary! So sweet...even with the snot on his face, God Love "Me"!

Tiffany said...

Thief! No, really...I enjoy 'teaching' him on Sunday nights. He makes my heart happy and I usually smile ear to ear while with him! I love that kid and he gives me a weekly(or daily) reminder that "God Loves Me."

bec said...