Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Time Is Here...and There...and Everywhere...and Gone

How does this all fly by so fast now that I'm an adult? I can remember as a kid the entire month of December being Christmas. What was sad was that until Saturday when my folks came over to do Christmas with us...I didn't feel that normal Christmas-y feeling I get every year around this time. I think all of this commercialization is desensitizing me, and that my folks is sad.

Like I said, Saturday my folks came over and we did Christmas with them. They, of course, got WAY too much for kiddos, but isn't that what Grandparents are for? This was my FAVORITE shot...

He definitely marches to the beat of his own drum!

Then, that afternoon we headed out to Ashdown. Since having kids we usually try to make sure and be at home on Christmas morning, but with my mother-in-law having such a rough last few month, we broke that rule. And we had a great time with them. Sunday we went to church with them and then to lunch with some of their best friends. That evening we cooked and cooked and baked and baked for the Annual Overstreet Christmas Party the next night. The party was fun...and Belle never drank a thing.

After the party, David read a kids version of the Christmas story. After that, Belle prayed. She asked us all to get in the floor in a circle and hold hands. She thanked God for His "many miracles and His Good tidings and great joy"! Amen!

When we were down there for deer hunting back in November, Belle and her Grandpa whipped up a birdhouse. Belle's instructions of course. They didn't have time to paint it then, but Grandpa promised her they would this time. And that's exactly what they did.

Isn't that the most colorful birdhouse you have ever seen? And you can't take back the memories that were made, that's for sure.

Then came Christmas morning. Of course, these grandparents got the kiddos (and us for that matter) WAY too much! But, then again isn't that what Grandparents are for? Again.

The first picture cracks me up! It wasn't even his gift.

Then yesterday we got to spend the evening with my BFF from Wisconsin, Rebekah Marie Gorham, what kind of Ham is that, Lovell! Now, she got the kids just as much as the Grandparents did. No excuses for her. Trust me...there are none. Here are just a few from her visit.

Well...I know this was super long and just a few photos of each event (more are over in the photo album to your right) so I'll close with this.

"You are wonderful, Little Prince of Peace, Tiny Counselor, All Mighty God. You are Ancient of Days, Precious Newborn King, I Am You Are!"


I pray you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

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