Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lukey is Rounding 1st and Stealing 2nd!

Since Luke's birthday is this Sunday, and so close to Christmas, we celebrated his birthday this past Saturday with a baseball themed party. We had a great time with close friends and family and couldn't have asked for a better time.

Well...except for the birthday boy SCREAMING to tear into the cake.

But other than that...

Here are a few photos of the great day. The rest of them are in the photo album to the right.

Here's the Cake Alison and Belle made

The Concession Stand at "Lukey Stadium"

The gift bags

Great Job, Kelsey!

Happy Birthday to Lukey!

Sister and her BFF, Kelsey

Taylor came to join the fun

Tauning My Mother!

Can't you just see the trouble in his eyes! Geez...

I do believe that I'm going to start taking the suggestion of having Luke a Half Birthday party in July every year. Christmas in July!

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The Proctors said...

What a fun party!! I just loved the theme, and the cupcakes & cake were so cute!!