Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Div-ay!

My BFF from Wisconsin and her hubs mailed the kids' Valentine's gifts off and called me to let me know what they were. I think I was more on the edge of my seat waiting than they were!

Finally, Tuesday...they arrived. Here is Lukey's gift:

It sings, "You make me wanna SHOUT" and when he says 'shout', his long loppy ears fly straight up. When we first saw it, we were rolling. We were kinda worried about Lukey because he is pretty skittish with the singing animals at Christmas. But, he loved it.

And Becomes Bust-a-Rhymes when it plays.

Belle's. Oh, Belle's. The first thing I showed her was a photo that was in the box. I covered one side and asked her who it was.

Belle: My Uncle Matt!
Me: And who is this (uncovering Mandisa)
Belle: ...speechless....huge
5 Minutes later..."THAT'S MANDISA WITH MY UNCLE MATT!!!!!!"

Then came this:

It says, "I'm a True Beauty!"
"To Belle"

And out comes this...

Amen... and Amen!


Alison said...

You Go Girl! Keep Praising the Lord through song!

bec said...

Nothing fills my heart more than seeing that girl sing! Seriously, you gotta send that video to Mandisa's web site!

Joanie Barber said...

Just a note to let you know Papa & I watched your Video of you singing and we think your GREAT!!!

Your such a good girl, Papa Say's the Claw is coming...

Love Mimi and Papa