Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This is what I literally looked and felt like...

Only female....

But...Praise God...that's what my entire family was saying come yesterday. Listen...I was begging to be shot! I told David in the doctors office that I would rather give birth again without the epidural.

Did I have the flu, you ask. Nope. Tested negative!

This "crud" going around. Nope.

Chicken pox. Neg-a-tive.

I was working up here on Thursday with a sore throat and swollen lymph node that had greeted me first thing that morning. I took some Zycam and was really feeling better. But then, after lunch, I was typing and felt my entire body go limp. Sore. My eyes began to burn with fever (I thought). So I checked out of here.

Got home and took some left over Tamiflu because I just KNEW it was the flu. All the symptoms. Except...no fever. 97.something actually. So I climbed in bed and slept until David and the kids got home. By then I felt much better.

We grabbed a bite to eat and it hit. What "IT", you ask? I'm still not 100% certain.

I was laying on the couch with my little boy and had to run to the rest room. I grabbed the trash can, b'c I knew what was coming...but it never came. I just felt that way the rest of the night.

Plus delirium.

Plus shock (the medical kind).

Plus chills.

Plus violent shaking for about 6 hours while covered up with a heating pad, 2 blankets and a space heater blowing in my face.

All while running a body temperature between 95 and 96 degrees.

I'm stellar when it comes to being sick.

I went to the doctor the next day and found out I did not have the flu. Amazing. But I had an infected lymph node that was effecting my entire body. I headed home with some phenagren, Avalox, hydracodone and a hefty bill and slept for 3 days in my bed.

I'm much better today, but something still isn't right. I talked to my cousin who is a nurse in the ICU, and she is pretty sure I had something called "Sepsis" which is an infection in my actual blood. It is caused from an infection somewhere else. I have a couple of questions for my doctor and I'm none too happy after looking it up and seeing it is 100% dead on everything I was doing.

If that's the case, I should have been in the ER Thursday night.

But thanks to Tammy who brought us dinner, John and Alison who CAME AND CLEANED MY HOUSE, and to my in-laws for driving 3 hours to help David (who I might add...I was scared for him as he was a little scared himself). Plus to all the family and friends who kept his phone ringing to check on us and to all the kids in church who sent me get well cards yesterday.

Here's to recovery...

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bec said...

um...hello! Had I known about this I would've been down there in a heartbeat! what good am I if I don't know about it till after the fact?! Sepsis is no laughing matter! You naughty little thing you! Thank God you're better 'cause I'd have had to kill you if you weren't! I love you, girl!