Monday, March 31, 2008

Preparing for Kindergarten the D-I-V-A Way!

Belle has been on this kick for about 2 weeks now that she wants her hair cut. And I'm not talking just a trim. There is a girl at school that has a short bob and she wanted it like hers. I knew Daddy wouldn't go for that, but he did agree to go at the shoulders.

So, off we went today. I kept it a surprise until we were leaving and boy, was she excited! The girl cut and said "'s that?"

Belle: "Shorter."

I let her go a little shorter and we all love the results!

Even Daddy...

Isn't it cute?

The Back

A Kiss for her adoring fans!

All the way home she ran her fingers thru her hair and is currently spinning around my living room making it flip and flop.

One step closer to my baby girl growing up...*tear*


Alison said...


Andrea said...

SOOOOOOOO super cute!!! LOVE it!

bec said...

BELLE!! You are a vision of beauty! I LOVE the new 'do!!
You look FABULOUS!!!