Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love Me Some Rebecca!

I tell ya...this girl can do some magic with a camera! She absolutely has such a raw talent and eye for this stuff.

We went to see her last Saturday for some more pictures. I was worried when we left b'c, you son has this insane love for both of his grandpas. I mean...if either one of them 2 are around, no one else even exists.

Can't wait to see him for a whole week with BOTH grandpas this next week at the beach.

Anyway, his Grandpa Overstreet was there with us trying to hide, but Luke wasn't buying it. He wanted his grandpa! Plus, it was the day that hurricane force winds were pummeling central Arkansas and I wanted some outside photos. We were only able to be outside for just a few minutes and we were done.

All that being said, I told David I was pretty sure we weren't going to get much. Boy was I wrong! I got my CD from Rebecca today and was impressed yet again by her amazing talent to capture moments as they happen.

**I only edited out my fat rolls in some of the following photos.

Here are a few of my absolute favs and then below is a slideshow of all of them...the good and the slighly flawed by my lack of weight loss...

Those Eyes!

Our sweet family

Trouble Looking Grins

Momma's Boy

Momma's big girl

Messin with Daddy

Loving on Brother

Walking together


Daddy's Baby Girl

How Sweet

Just Pure Fun!

And here they all are together. Thanks Rebecca!


The Proctors said...

Oh my goodness!! Your pictures turned out so good!!! I LOVE the ones with you and Luke!! I love them all!! The outdoor pictures turned out so good too!! You got some great family pictures too!

The Proctors said...

Ok...#3 cracks me up! So cute!

bec said...

absolutely fabulous! I love the natural pics!