Monday, June 30, 2008

A Letter to Our Troops

Alison's sister has a friend who is over in Iraq and who is feeling a little down right now. So, in honor of the 4th of July, she is collecting "letters" to send to him and those he is with. If you would like to send one, just e-mail and put in the subject: For Our Troops by noon on Thursday. She will send our messages of encouragement and appreciation on to them.

Here's mine:

Where can I even begin? What each of you do for me…as a daughter…as a wife…as a mother…as a Child of God can in no way be fully expressed into enough words of thankfulness. But still…for you…I will try…

You have chosen to leave your Momma and/or Daddy so that I can hug and kiss mine any time I want to.

You have chosen to leave your spouse so I can continue to celebrate my marriage and the love I have for my husband.

You have chosen to leave your children so I can stay here and cook dinner and play games with my two babies.

You have chosen to fight in a country who doesn’t want you there so that I can stay here and worship my God and teach my children about Him in the comfort of my local church.

You have chosen to fight for those who stay back here and only curse you and what you are doing. And for what? So they CAN curse you. I’m so sorry…

You have been chosen by me to humbly bow my head in honor of YOU…my protector of freedom…my defender of my country…

“Thank you” isn’t even appropriate for what you do for me, Billie, and my family. Honor you…pray for you…encourage you…that’s what I can do!

Please don’t give up! Please continue with the same resolve that had as to why you joined our armed forces. You are carrying a banner for all of us who can’t do what you are doing. It’s called the American Flag…wave it high and wave it proudly! Keep your head held high at ALL times…stick your chest out a little further and know that we couldn't be prouder to call you one of our own!

All Mighty God,

You are the Creator of all things. You made the reader of this…formed them in their mother’s womb. You know every hair on their head. Protect every hair on their head, Lord. You gave their heart the very first beat and I ask you continue to guard their hearts as they battle this terrible war. You gave them the swift mind that they have for this season of their life…Oh, Lord…give that mind a peace that passes ALL understanding! Above all, give them JOY in the midst of the storm they are in Father. Let those around them wonder what they have, and oh, I pray that it is You. That You shine above the hot sun to all they encounter. Thank You for them, Lord. Let them feel LOVE, peace, honor…even now at this very moment. SHOWER them with blessings beyond compare!

In Jesus’ Name…amen and AMEN!

Thanking you…honoring you…praying for YOU,

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