Tuesday, June 24, 2008

See...TV CAN pay off sometimes....

#1...My daughter decided to write a letter to Duff (from Charm City Cakes on Ace of Cakes). Her Aunt Becky gave her the idea, so she did it...today...all on her own. I would have scanned in her cute little crayon letter, however, by the time I looked up it was in an envelope and sealed up. She just asked me how to spell words, but here's what she wrote:

Hi Duff
I'm Belle
I live in Arkansas
I watch Ace of Cakes and hope to see you soon

With a picture of a cake on it.

It's all about education here folks...ed-u-ka-SHUN!

#2...My son was sitting on his Daddy's lap and we realize he is actually doing this...

...all on his own!

Such a big boy! He watches "The Letter Factory" that teaches the sounds of the letters, but I never realized that my 2 year old has totally picked up on what they LOOK like!

I'm very proud!


Alison said...

Love the letter to "Ace"!

He is doing good on the letters. The other day he said "M" and it took me by surprise and I said..."yes, that is an 'M'...good job"!

AliciaG said...

Yes, TV can pay off when they are watching good shows like the one you mentioned. That is very good, Luke! Nanna G is very proud of you! And I am proud of Belle too for her letter. Sounds just like a first born thing to do! Ü

Andrea said...

That's the smartest boyfriend I've ever had! :) Love those kids!