Monday, June 9, 2008

This Wasn't Your Typical Company Picnic

Every other year ABCBS gives all of it's employees and their families a company picnic. Usually, it's at some park with catered food and some games to play. Well, this year they decided to spice things up a little. They paid for us all to go to Magic Springs/Crystal Falls. I haven't been there since I was a kid and Magic Springs (no falls included here) was on it's way downhill.

Aside from the crowds and 200.3 degree weather, we had a great time!

Waiting at the Cracker Barrel

3 kids ready to GO!

See the girls on the end?

NICE shot of me. The things I do for my boy

They just kept spinnin' and spinnin'

Alison and Luke in one and the Girls in the other

Meeting his hero

Me and my mommy!

See the guy in the khaki hat...that's David...holding Luke...covering his face... anticipation of this!

One wet boy!

Loving on Papa

We ran into the Proctors and Taylor LOVED my Mom

Feeding the duckies

Alison (in pain) with Camryn

Lukey and Alison spinnin'

I wished I would have got Camryn's face at the end of this thing!

Kyle has an even better one of this with his fancy camera. The boy was PETRIFIED! BUT when he got off he was pumping his fists saying, "I did it!"

Big chicken...Until he gets off!

...Just like his Momma! (Begina...Andrea...let's NOT talk about the Log ride!)


Andrea said...

What about the log ride??? Ohhhh, you mean the blood curdling (however you spell that) scream that left your body, that we heard the entire way down the hill?? Ok, we won't mention that that anyone!! ;)

bec said...

WOW, Magic Springs HAS changed! The last time I was there they had like two rides and only one of them worked. Looks pretty fun now, though!
You are such a pansy! Screaming on the LOG RIDE?? Grow a pair!! :)

AliciaG said...

It looks like you all had a terrific time. I can't believe all the rides Camryn rode on. She is getting to be a lot more brave. Now if we can just get her mother to ride a few rides. lol