Saturday, July 12, 2008

Family Night Edition #5

Arrrrrgh, Mate!

I know...I'm terribly scary.

This week we had to postpone a day so we could make a trip to see all of our kiddos at youth camp, but we were back in full swing last night. Luckily one of my best friends already had a lot of this stuff, so we just had us a little pirate night. And since it was pirates, we invited a little boy from our church and his family because we knew they would LOVE IT! And they did and we were glad to have them!

Family means family, ya know.

Anyway, on to the festivities!

First we have out Mates Galley

Of course...Pirates only!

Tattoo time!

Can't be pirates without a good sword fight

Lukey and his sword!

One seedy looking pirate gang

Can someone say, "Arrrggghh!"

Pirate Connor

Pirate Belle

...and another sword fight...

Our Ginger"ale" with "blood" cubes (koolaid cubes)

Our ship suppers surrounded by sharks (hotpockets and goldfish)

...and he goes after his mom

Fishing for sailors knots (straw and cup hooks for pretzels...I can't remember where I got this idea, it was so cool!)

Time for a good ol' treasure hunt!

On the lookout

Connor found the treasure! "X" marked the spot of the treasure chest with cannonballs in it (whoppers)

Pirates can't stay dry all day...and what else can you do with water guns

Check out the photo finish

After drying off we ate seawater (blue and green Popsicles) and watched the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything sing-a-long!

Arrrrrggghhh! I just love saying that. And so did JT!

Can't WAIT for next week's night. I'm working very hard to keep this one a secret from the kids. It's one that Heather has already done before and we are just adding a little something extra. Pray we don't melt!

Enjoyed visiting with y'all again!

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The Proctors said...

What a cute theme! Looks like you guys had a great time with it!