Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our 4th(s) of July Take #1

On the actual 4th we (along with some others) headed with Tammy to her Mom's for their traditional 4ht of July eat with water guns. Yes, Water GUNS! But to the food first...Tammy walked in and said that she brought half the church. But there was still enough food, believe you me! We had brisket, pork loin, baked beans, cornbread salad, black-eyed peas, homemade "nana" rolls and all sorts of other stuff.

Bye-Bye Weight Watchers...Hell-o Nana's rolls!

Shortly after dinner...the waterguns came out in full force...

Anywho, here are a few (you know me and a "few") shots from Nana's:

Our hostess, Nana! Isn't she beautiful?

The kids were pur-pul after they got done with all the blackberries and strawberries they were picking!

Luke was tickled that Jessie came

Robbie is SO goofy!

My hungry family

Then Tammy busted out the first fire...

And the kiddos go for their Daddy

Then no one is spared

...well except for these guys

And Tammy did this when Chris wasn't looking

The 2 instigators

He just thought he was safe

She was taking no prisoners


They got BJ back, though

Aren't we lovely?

And Tammy goes down

Who knows

He made himself a new Pawpaw...and Robbie made himself a new buddy

Yes, that's my 5 YEAR OLD driving

Then, we headed out to see the fireworks. Then home. Bed. Goodnight.


Alison said...

Oh my lands! The "taking no prisoners" photo is priceless!

Andrea said...

I love the picture of Belle "taking no prisoners". And, I'm not even gonna lie about it...I'm a little jealous of this Jessie girl. ;)