Friday, August 1, 2008

And the Countdown Begins

All this week Belle as been at "Kindergarten Camp". The Kindergarten teachers at Ida Burns give of their own free time to assess each of the kids for half days all week. They learn their aptitude and personalities and then, at the end of the week, have the kids placed in the classes that seem to best fit them.

Mrs. Jennifer!

Our first ever school teacher! It was real sweet, too, b'c Mrs. Jennifer made the comment that she teaches in the classroom that was HER 1st grade room when she was little. Then, Mrs. Taylor (who I know from scrapbooking) came up and told me that she and Mrs. Jennifer fought hard over Belle.

WAY TO MAKE A MOMMA CRY! I felt so proud! Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful gift! Other people can see how amazing she is too.

Amazing enough to fight over.

Also this week my Momma (who stayed and took her to camp all week) bought Belle all of her school clothes, shoes, sleeping towel, etc. She also bought her this.

Every Girl's dream.

Make your own lunch pail! And look at the photo SHE CHOSE to put in it.

I just love her! And she's growing up!

So much that she has just realized the severe destruction that Snickers can do to your life. She has decided...she likes them.

Life has changed forever.

17 days and counting...


Alison said...

I'm so proud of her...regarding being amazing and the SNICKERS (my favorite)!!!

The Masseys said...

Oh man good for her for the Snickers! What a great idea for the lunch pail!!!

Rebecca said...

How sweet!!! I know how you feel about her starting kindergarten two nieces and nephew both start kindergarten in a couple of weeks and we all about cry just thinking about how big they are. I hope she has a wonderful first day of school!!! :) And she is such a precious girl!

The Proctors said...

I can't believe she is going to kindergarten!! She will be such a good student!

Andrea said...

Oh my goes so fast once they start school. One day you're excited they are recognizing letters the next thing you know they are reading chapter books. UGH! Such mixed emotions..happy for them and sad at the same time.