Friday, August 29, 2008

Family Night Edition #10

Wow! A whole 10 family nights. And they have been worth EVERY minute!

This week we had to do what every southern family is doing right now just not publishing.

Celebrating the start of the football season!

So we had us a Razorback family night. Oh, yes we did.

We decorated the "tailgate" of my car with Hogs pennants and we all wore our Hogs gear.

Here were some decorations donated by the Massey-my-stuff-got-shafted-to-the-garage-when-the-baby-came-stash. We also put up the Fight Song and a mug shot of Petrino and Casey Dick.

We had nachos, bratwrst and boneless hotwings!

We even did a little face painting. Go Hogs Go!

Check out my little cheerleader and future football player

Um...don't ask

Then we had to begin with some spring training. What better way to start than with an obstacle course! We had to walk across some planks to a football throw into a basket. Then hops to some lines, weave thru the chairs and then get our trumpet out and CALL THOSE HOGS! Here's Belle kicking it off.

Momma helping Lukey with the hopping

And here's Dmac on the run

Here was the football toss thru the hoop

The calling of the Hogs

Then we had the kids act out some football cherades. I'm sure you can guess what this one was...

For this one, Belle needed a volunteer...for the tackle...nana was afraid...

Lukey got to act out the whistle

We ended the evening back inside (after a few baths) with some "Hog Wild for Cookie Dough" and "Woo Pig Chewey".

And a football game, of course.

But I couldn't leave you without this video...sorry that it's sideways and my computer isn't really cooperating to turn it right now. But you'll get the gist of it.

For some more ideas and the lady that started it all go here and visit Heather.



Alison said...

This family night was right up John's...I mean D-Mac's alley! We had lots of fun and I think have been throughly prepared for the Razorback Football season!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing this!!!! Ya'll are a FUN family!!!! I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I am going to the store TONIGHT to get that HOG wild for cookie dough ice cream!!!! I've had wooo pig chewy but that one is new and we MUST have it!!!!! (We'll eat it in our razorback bowls)!

Andrea said...

How cute!!! I think I might try to become a hog fan again this year. One of these years it will all come together for me! :)

Anonymous said...

I love it. I have a football FN up my sleeve soon. I am so excited it is so cute. Great job! H

The Masseys said...

And what an excellent use of our stuff-that-had-to-go-to-the-garage. Love it! What a fun family night! We are totally doing these when the little one gets older!