Friday, August 15, 2008

Family Night Edition #8

"And all of this was brought to you by the letter "P"!"

At least that's what Big Bird always said.

This week's family night was in honor of Belle starting Kindergarten on Monday. It was Letter Night and we celebrated the letter "P"

Here are the People who Participated in our little Party.
Belle is wearing Pink
Luke is wearing Pea Green
Momma is wearing Pink
Daddy is wearing Purple (and he said Pants and he wished he had Penny loafers!)
Nana is wearing Pink
Uncle John is wearing Pumpkin, Peach or Persimmon...however you look at it

A Photo with Nana

We then went on a hunt for all of the things in the house that start with the letter "P" and labled it with different "P"s.

Belle found the Potty

Luke found a "Piderman"...classic

And someone found me...the Parent

Some others we found were a Purple crayon, Picture, Piggy bank, Princess doll, Player, Purse, Plate, Pink sleeping bag, and...

A Pretty cute little boy and...

A Pair of Premier earrings I got for Belle

Then, thanks to some friends and family who gave some Moolah, we headed to Playworld!

...and ate some PePPeroni Pizza!

Then, we headed home for some Peach drink and a Peanut butter pie! Yum!

And this...this is just one Pretty Perplexing Person!

Another successful family night! Thanks for stopping by!

And if you would like to see some other great family night ideas, head on over here and see the lady that started this craze!


Andrea said...

LOL..."piderman"...I LOVE IT! Cute idea!! Take lots of pics of the first day of school!!! Give her lots of kisses and hugs from me and Cam!

AliciaG said...

What a fun and educational family night! daughter is sure looking good! I can tell she is still losing. Yeah for her! Ü

whittakerwoman said...

Pumpkin, Peach or Persimmon that is great! H