Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family Night Edition #9

Tonight was all about her.

This week's family night was moved up to Tuesday night as we celebrated Belle starting Kindergarten!

Here we all are with our big girl. Notice the backpack! She got that from the school, isn't it cute?

Then we headed out to Stoby's, one of Belle's favorite places to eat. And it was a bonus, because KIDS EAT FREE ON MONDAYS AND TUESDAYS!

And we splashed in the puddles

The boys sat at one table...

We sat at another...

And these 2 fine people sat across from us!

Then we headed home to play Belle's favorite game of Life!

And she won!


AliciaG said...

Looks like another good time...however, Billie, you look like you are bored to tears or should I say sleep, in that last picture. LOL

Alison said...

We all look like a bunch of goofballs in the group photo..."CHEEEEESSSSSEEE"!
Good food...Good fun...Good fellowship!

Andrea said...

I want you to look a little less excited in that last picture..LOL! Yea, Belle!!!!!!

bec said...

Of course she won!! She's a winner, Baby!!