Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family Night Edition #11

Tonight was "Everything Art Night"!

Check us out in our aprons and painted on moustaches

We began by making pizzas that were works of art

Here's Uncle John helping Artieste Belle

Warning: Mound o' Mozzarella is his artistic interpretation

Heee heee heee hoh hoh hoh (with a french accent)

Time to try our artistic abilities on "sushi". That would be rice krispie treats with fruit roll ups and a gummie bear.

One cute artistic impression in my book!

The finished sushi. Don't you want a bite?

Then we were off to test our drawing abilities. Sister started by tracing Bubba. MAJOR task here folks. Do you know how hard it is to get an almost 3 year old to lie still while Sister "tickles" his ribs as she goes around him with a marker? VERY HARD!

Sister wanted to add some flare to her drawing of herself.

Bubba decides to add...uh...his own...uh "flare" (aka scribbling in the same spot until a hole ate thru)

Doesn't it look JUST LIKE HER?!?!?

Then we headed outside for a little spin off of a Jon and Kate Plus 8 episode. They painted themselves (and each other) with chocolate and vanilla pudding. As you can see, they enjoyed EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.

Sorry some are so fuzzy. I was Laughing OUT LOUD most of the time.

I think you can almost hear it squish thru his fingers. Seriously.

Um. Brushing his teeth with the paint brush. I mean...just look at the nast!

But, as you can tell...a good time was had by all.

Until the meltdown that ensued just about right after this photo.

No photos of said event to preserve the memories.

And my sanity.

For other ideas and to meet the girl that started this craze, go here and meet Heather and her peeps.

Till next week!


Alison said...

Oh My Lands...what a night! I believe I was wet and the bathroom floor was soaked while trying to give them a shower and make sure all that pudding was out of their hair...YUCK!
Next time can we just watch a movie??!!! (LOL!)

AliciaG said...

What a fun time! I don't know who this girl is that has inspired all these family nites, but she has done a wonderful job of creating fun times for some wonderful memories for kids. Thanks for sharing your fun with the rest of us. I loved the little painted on moustaches...they looked precious!

whittakerwoman said...

What a great idea. H

brandiandboys said...

fun, fun, fun... you are one brave momma with the body art. love it!

super cute blog!

bec said...

David looks ecstatic in the first picture!! Fun times.

The Masseys said...

What a fun night! Loving all of the family night ideas! The painting with pudding looks like a BLAST!