Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just a Saturday

Just another Saturday.

Not really.

Our Saturday involved a turtle family that Hubs found in the yard. This was Junior...or Squirt as the kids named him. He crawled around in the house for a little bit before Hubs returned him to his Momma. know some of you are going to rise up at this one. But the Barbers, my family, ALWAYS sang. Even at the table. We just did. So, here we are having supper and singing a little "I'll fly away".

And Luke just praises God.

Worth breaking "rules" in my book.

Then, Belle and I headed off to watch one of my best friends give her testimony at a "Rally for Recovery" in Conway. There were some awesome testimonies while I was there, but she took the cake in my book. I was so very proud of her for doing this. You would have to know her to know how hard this was for her. But she did it and GOD got so much glory out of it all.

Then, this guy was "finger painting" while a rapper rapped....or sang...or was cool! Anyway, its one of those types of "finger painting" that they start and then all the sudden something comes into focus.

This was AWESOME! I'm trying to get one of my other BFFs to win it at auction. Awesome!

Then, there's my girl. During the "concert" she decided to get in the fountain with all of the other little kids. It started just to the ankles.

by the time it was done we were jumping and swimming.

She rode home nekkey.

See...typical Saturday.

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