Thursday, October 9, 2008

Family Night Edition #14

Tonight was all about the Alphabet!

See...we all wore "our" letters on our shirts. Our decorations were ABC books like Hermie and Wormie's ABC and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We also read together the ABCs of the Bible.

For Food we made tuna sandwiches that were cut out in each of our letters, we had ABCs and 123s and then made sugar cookies with our own letters.

See...L for Luke!

Then Luke went on a hunt for things in the house that started with "L" and Belle looked for things that started with "B". Look, they found "Luke" and "Lips"!

Then we had the challenge of "Pin the Coconut on the Coconut Tree". Belle won! But I'm SO SURE she wasn't peeking out the bottom. Looks like Alison and I have some major issues.

Smells like the cookies are done!

We ended the night with a read-a-long of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and a viewing of "The Letter Factory". (Plug: If you have a little one around the house, I HIGHLY recommend you run out and get the Letter Factory. Your kiddo will know their letters by sight and sound in no time.)

Can't WAIT for next week's night. I asked another fellow family nighter if I could totally borrow every single idea of hers and she said yes! I'm excited! See you then!

Happy Bonding!


Alison said...

You forgot to mention the AWESOME rockin' concert that Belle and Luke gave after everything was over! They cracked me up!

AliciaG said...

I love your ABC family night theme. But I really love the black and white polka dot background on your blogspot! It is sooooo cute!!!!

Andrea said...

I laugh at Alison's letter sticking out on her shirt...with me it would be like "why doesn't she take that paper off the cardboard before sticking it on her shirt"..hahah!! She got my share. :)