Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And IF You Call in the Next 4 Minutes...

That would be my girl.

She comes to us all the time with these "must haves" that we need to buy. The aqua globe, the puff maker...you name it and we apparently need it.

Well, the best came last night.

We were sitting down for our normal Monday night dad-is-at-school-and-Luke-is-asleep ritual of Jon and Kate Plus 8 (or as Luke calls it...Jon and Cake) when I was trying to finish up my menu and grocery list during the commercials.


Belle: MOM! That's what I need! Can we get me some Proactive?

Mom: What?

Belle: I have these bumps that come up on my face and body sometimes and Proactive looks like it would do the trick!

I quickly drew her attention to the precious 15 year old boy on the screen at that very moment with his face COVERED with acne and red splotches.

Mom: No, Belle. THAT boy needs Proactive. You just keep using your Noxema.

I pray she never discovers QVC.


Andrea said...

OMG...that is hilarious!! Yeah, keep her away from QVC!!!

AliciaG said...

Oh girl, if she ever figures out how to buy online...you are in for it!