Thursday, November 13, 2008

Family Night Edition #17

Attention "Family Air" Passengers. The captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign. Enjoy your flight!

Tonight was "Around the World" night!

The passengers were welcomed with their boarding passes and a passport with their photo in it. At each country they would get their passport "stamped" with the flag from that country.

Each boarding pass had our names and sets on it, too!

Calling all passengers of flight 172 now boarding at gate 77.

We watched takeoffs and landings on the projector on the wall. I was Suzanne, the flight attendant who served nuts squatty Dr. Peppers to my passengers on the first leg of our flight.

Which our first stop was in London, England...

At each country I became the tour guide where we saw where we were on the map, tourist attractions, the money for the country and interesting points from that country. Then, in London, we played freeze dance and froze like Beefeaters (palace guards) in England do.

From there we hopped back in on the plane where we had an in-flight meal of pizza on our way Venice, Italy.

After we learned about the Leaning Tower of Piza, Robin and Belle built their very own leaning tower.

Then we took our family photo of us all leaning while we were in Italy. Oh, and meet our newest friend, Robyn! Hi, Robyn!

We jumped back on the plane...

Where little man showed us what to do if your ears hurt during the ascent.

Then we headed to Cairo, Egypt...

Where we built pyramids out of playdoh.

Our last stop was in Antarctica...

Where we went ice fishing and the kiddos got some really cool things from that ice hole!

Then, we headed back to the good ol' USofA!

And we had an in-flight snack of cupcakes with flags from all of the countries we had been to.

And an in-flight movie of Madagascar!

Cheap AND fun flight!

The pilot has turned off the fasten seat belts signs. You are now free to move about the cabin.

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Andrea said...

How fun and creative!

Jen said...

What a great family night! Now I might have to copy you!

Billie said...

You got right ahead! That's what all this idea sharing is all about!

Katrine said...

Very fun!