Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Lovely ARE Your Branches

A few years ago David and I made a decision. We were tired of having "fancy" Christmas decorations that we constantly had to say "Belle, leave that alone" or "Belle, get away from the tree."

So, one "Black Friday" I worked on changing that. We donated our fancy stuff to our church and I bought everything touchable (aka non-breakable). Our tree became a "Candy Christmas" Tree.

Belle stretching to put her decorations on

Luke filling one branch up as full as it will hold...nice...

I snuck this shot in b'c it was very ironic. He decided to climb under the tree and just stare at everything. The ironic part was 3 years ago, he WAS our Christmas gift. He was born December 23rd.

Then we were just goofy!

Belle wanted me to take a 'cool' picture of her as she laid in the floor. You look pretty cool to me Baby Girl...and georgous!

Then she was being silly and peeking at me around the tree and I got a few cute pics of her doing just that. But then, when she thought I wasn't looking, I got this. Stole my breath!

I thought they did a great job...even with the big glob of ornaments at the front. And I'm so very thankful that my 2 beautiful and healthy and amazing and smart and spectacular children got to decorate it!


Alison said...

I love the blob...but I love those kids more!

The Masseys said...

Great tree! Love the new background too!

The Burns Family said...

I think that you have spectacular kids & a fantasical tree! Isn't 'art' all in the interpretation anyway? LOVE IT!