Thursday, December 25, 2008

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

This Christmas was probably the best yet. Luke was at just the right age for EVERYTHING to be amazing (including every single gift and every single piece of wrapping paper...even if it was for someone else) and Belle was just starting to get interesting things.

But the reason this was the best Christmas yet the mostest? I was with all of my family. Now, 3 years ago I got to be with all of them again, but I had (literally) just walked out of the hospital from having Luke that day and I was still VERY emotional.

My in-laws came in and stayed a few days with us and kept the kids. Then, last night we went to our church and celebrated the Lord's Supper with our church family. What a better way to acknowledge this season and what it really means than to observe one of the ordinances of the church? It was awesome! And it was awesome to get to "make our hearts right" with my daughter. To hear her prayer to God as she asked Him to bring to her mind the things she needed forgiveness of.

She's 6.
I'm 30.
I have so much to learn.

Anyway, afterwards we all rode to the see the COOLEST light display ever. And next year promises to be bigger and better! (shout out to Uncle Greg).

This morning was so much fun! One of the funnest parts was we were given a Black & Decker kids tool shop for FREE from a friend (not sure if I can say who it was, but they know who they are and I love them very much!) The boys set it up after Luke went to bed last night and we waited and waited to see how he would react to it.

So...time to let loose the hound dogs...

He was kind of quiet at first. Then we told him that it was Luke's. He danced a little jig. They played with this for quite a while without even asking to open presents.

But when the time came a good time was had by all. Even the puppies. daughter (remember that she loves infomercials) has always wanted Aquaglobes. So, I got her some and she was OVERJOYED. Now...ask me if we have any plants. Just ask me...

This was just a funny picture. He kept putting on everything he would get.

Just a good shot of all the mess. Sometimes (sometimes) I love my small house.

This was Luke's "4 leeler" that he got from my mom and dad. It's actually VERY cute...and loud...

Belle has asked for YEARS for a pink gun from her Grandpa. Remember...I married into a family who's blood bleeds 'doe in rut'. I mean...both of my kids have breathed hunting since before they could talk. This year, she got it. A pink .22...and trust me...the bullets...I don't even know where they are.

And then...last year Belle got a guitar from my parents for her birthday. She and Luke would fight like crazy over it. They both just want to be like Daddy and Papa Joe so much! So, this year my in-laws helped him out. Here he is rocking out to "In the Pines"...all in the key of E...

This Christmas day was such a reminder of what it really should be about. Not just presents...but family. I love them so much, but don't show them nearly enough. So...David, Belle, Luke, Mom, Dad, Johnny and Becky (And Danny, Ashley and Ayden)...I love you all! And Thank You, Lord for giving them all to me!

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The Masseys said...

I can't wait for next year's light display! So glad "Uncle Greg" could help to show you where the lights are!

Glad it was such an awesome Christmas!