Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Before Luke's Birthday Party Friday night:

Luke: Ooooh...there's a present. I open!

Me: No, let's wait until all of your friends get here.

(Daddy shows up from work)

Luke: There's a friend. I open present?

In the car on the way home from church yesterday:

Belle: It's funny how our names work out.

Me: Really?

Belle: Yes. Belle means "Beautiful"...Billie means "beautiful"...and Luke means "Stubborn Boy"


Alison said...

LOL!! "Stubborn boy" I had no idea that is what Luke meant...I'm glad I'm in the know. It explains a lot! ;-)

AliciaG said...

LOL...and this definition, Ladies and Gentlemen, comes from the "new dictionary of name meanings by Belle."

The Masseys said...

Ohmygosh. What a good way to start my morning. Belle is so funny

Andrea said...

HAHAHAHAH...that's hilarious! I love that girl!