Friday, January 9, 2009

Growing Up Is Hard on This Momma!

Like I said, Luke actually turned 3 on December 23rd, but we are celebrating his party tonight. And I can't wait! He is just the most fun kid and we are going to have a blast!

Pending a good nap today :-)

I remember when we were trying to have another baby. I was on fertility drugs (for like the hundreth time in 5 years) and we just knew Belle being 3 would be a perfect age for us to have another one. So, that February I took my meds, waited the pre-set number of days and went to my doctor for bloodwork. I got the call that afternoon.

"Sorry, Billie. But your hormone levels show that you can't get pregnant this month."

Here we go again.

So, when March rolled around and I was ready for a refill on my next round of drugs, I called the doctor. She said she would call the meds into my local pharmacy and I could pick them up on my way home, IF I would take a pregnancy test (requirement) and call her back with the results.

So, while out on my lunch break I stopped by Kroger and found the cheapest one I could find (why not? It was just going to be another negative, right?) and came back to work. I checked some e-mails, ate my lunch...just fiddled around.

Then headed to the rest room.

It had 2 lines on it before I could even set it down!

I called hubs: "Um, David...are you driving right now? Please put the car in park!"


And has this been a wild ride? He is quite truly the funniest kid I have ever met! And Belle is a pretty hilarious kid herself. I mean, he just rolls with the punches and throws something new out just about every hour.

Just ask ANYONE who knows him!

I found (of course) a letter I wrote to him when he was 6 weeks old...and yes, I cried again.

February 6, 2006

My Little Man,

You are 6 weeks old…where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday you were nudging around inside of me…gentle reminders of my prize to come. You never ceased to amaze me from inside. Just when I would start to worry about something, you and God would team up shout from within that He was in control and I would meet the 2nd man of my dreams soon…very soon.

I wanted to let you know that when I was pregnant with your sister, I did not want a boy. I was scared to have a boy. I didn’t know how to be a boy mom. It scared me to even think about. But since I have found out that I was having you, I have been nothing but overjoyed. Just the thought of the mother and son bond excites me. I discovered while waiting for your arrival that this was going to be special. I get to be a model for you of what a wife and mother will be in your eyes. What an awesome job!

Then you came…and you melted my heart in the quickest instance. That’s only happened two other times in my life…when I married your Daddy and when your sister was born. I still lay you on my chest and just smell you as all of the memories of those few weeks ago come flooding back. The 1st tiny little cry you made after you were made to breathe; the 1st time you opened your tiny slate eyes and batted them at me to take away every pain I’ve ever felt in my life; the 1st time you wrapped your sweet fingers around mine to let me know how much you need me; and the 1st time you slept in my arms and reminded me that you will always be my baby boy. God filled your tiny little body with everything I needed to make me smile bigger, laugh louder, cry with more passion, and love harder.

To see you with your Daddy swells me with complete joy! He loves you so much. I can see you two cleaning fish (including the ones your sister caught but won’t clean)…I can see you trying to learn to work on things with him…I can see you learning to play guitar from him…I can see you sharing with him about your passion for the things of God! My big man with my little man growing together and relying on God. Your sister…she loves you so much already. Every day she asks you, “Do you want your big sister?” I know you 2 will have your moments of getting on each others nerves. I know you 2 will have your fights. I know you 2 will have some tough times. But I also know you 2 will love each other more than any petty issues that will try to get in the way. Why? Because we pray for that on a regular basis. I never had a sibling, but you have one who right now will do anything for you that we ask. You are one special little man. You came along and tied a perfect little bow on this humble family. None of could ask for more.

So as we begin this wonderful journey…as mother and son…know this…that I love you my handsome little boy. I know I have to be your mother, but I feel completely honored to know I get to be your friend. I want to enjoy every minute of you and all of your firsts and all of your lasts. So when you are old enough to read this I hope you will be able to say that you were always loved. Because that is my goal for Belle and now my goal for you…to never doubt my love and adoration for you.

I love you, My little man

**excuse me...need the tissue box again** still are everything I dreamed for and more. I hung the moon in your eyes and I pray that never changes. You can drive me nuts and melt my heart literally in the exact same moment. Then you bat your eyelashes at me and flash that cheshire smile and I become a complete babbling idiot at just the sight of you. And Yes, you do drive your sister nuts sometimes, but she is so very proud of you and dotes on you. You are special...oh so very special. And anyone who knows you at all knows the treasure that they have in you.

I love you, my now 3-year-old little man. Let 'er rip, Tater Chip!


So, if you haven't met him, allow me to introduce you to "everyone's boyfriend"...Isaiah Luke Overstreet:

"A chord of 3 cannot be broken..."

SEXY MAN! 3 Weeks old.

Definate chick magnet

Pouty face

His "kissy face"...don't you just want to kiss him?!?!


Whew! Goodbye heart!


The Masseys said...

Loveeee the pics! Can't wait for tonight!

The Proctors said...

What a great blog!! So sweet! We can't wait for the party tonight!

Andrea said... I don't knwo what to say. Happy Birthday Boyfreeenn. See you tonight!

AliciaG said...

OK...You and Andrea have succeeded in making cry two days in a row! Will you quit it already!!! Seriously, I am so happy for the little family God has blessed you with. Happy Birthday, Lukey!
Love ya,
Nanna G

Jen said...

So sweet. Have fun tonight!

bec said...

I am so sad that I can't be there tonight...but we will see you guys in a week and he will have more birthday presents to open. Matt and I love that little boy more than you could ever know.