Monday, January 12, 2009

It Was a Jungle In There/aka Family Night #21

This DEFINITELY qualified as a Family Night, so I'm filing it under FN.

And Friday night it was all about Luke. We celebrated his 3 Year Birthday (which was really on December 23rd). We invited everyone with an invitation that said this:

Lions Roaring, Hippos Snoring, Monkeys in the Tree
Calling all WILD animals...Luke is turning 3!

Everyone entered at the Customs table where they had to say the password (their favorite animal sound) to get cleared and to get their inoculations (jungle animal tattoos) before entering the jungle.

From there we had food like the animals. Lions eat meat (burgers and dogs), Zebras eat hay (fries), Elephants eat peanuts (nutter butters), Monkeys eat bananas (banana chips) and Bears eat fish (goldfish).

Then, the kids spent time making their binoculars for the Safari Hunt they were going to go on later that night.

After that were the games:

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Kangaroo Hop

Time for presents!!! Luke's FAVORITE thing to do!

Singing Happy Birthday to Luke

Check out this cake! Yes, if you can believe it...I made it! I had to have some help with the icing (Alison is WAY more patient than I on that), but I found one like it on the Internet and adapted it. The body is cake and the legs, neck and head were all Twinkies. All the other stuff was shaped out of Tootsie Rolls. Isn't it just cute!

After that, we went off on our Safari Hunt. The clues were just pictures of animals so that Luke and Landon (Ayden, Dylan and Grayson were pre-occupied) could figure it out without having to read. Most clues were hidden in...

The Sea (far left), The Desert (middle) or The Jungle (far right)!

A clue!

It all lead back to the Giraffe cake where they found "Survival Kits" with their names on it. Inside were more "inoculations", animal notepads, animal erasers with movable legs, compasses and animal cookies.

And here's just some misc photos!

Kelsey and Belle being animals

Safari Participants

Best Dressed of the night~ Connor

Sweet Taylor DEVOURING her cake!

Hopefully soon, I can get a photo of Dylan out here. He had a minor accident while on his hunt and got his first fat lip. But he still gave me lots of lovins!

All in all...another great birthday party! You see...this IS my gift to my kids for their birthdays. Birthday parties they will remember for the rest of their lives.

My Dad even walked in and said he was "calling my Momma! She never did anything like this for me when I was a kid!"

I'll see what I can do for him in March...:-)

For many more fun themed ideas, go see Whittaker Woman and all the people that join together to share ideas.


Alison said...

This was lots of fun...again! However, instead of a splitting headache from blowing up all the balloons for Belle's leg muscles are sore from going up and down to make the jungle entrance!
It is so worth it!

The Proctors said...

We had such a great time at the party!! Landon talked about it all weekend! Happy Birthday Luke!

The Masseys said...

We too had such a great time, fat lip and all. :) What a great party!

Jen said...

How fun! Happy Belated Birthday Luke! Great work on the cake, Billie, it's awesome!

Andrea said...

SOOO much fun. I HAVE to get ideas from you next year!

bec said...

This party was SO much fun...oh wait...I wasn't invited... J/K
Fabulous job!

whittkaerwoman said...

So fun! I love it! H

Abby said...

What a fabulous party! The cake looks great. I love to incorporate the food into the party theme.