Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Night Edition #24

Tonight was one easy FN.

We went to Jump Zone!

We had free passes from Tammy so that was free. All we did was order pizza, drinks and nachos. A great family night all rolled up with a bow on it.

A shot of Jump Zone

My kids are WAY braver than I was as a kid

Playing Basket Ball

I even got in a played

Both flying down the Batman together.

It's funny b'c just a few short months youngest wouldn't even walk in the room with these big things hardly. Now, he squeals right along with his big sis every time we pull in the Wal Mart parking lot thinking that's where we are going.

(Sorry, Kids. We are going to another place that is all puffed up.)

Anyway, now he shoots down those slides with the rest of the squealing kiddos.

PS--I found out that they nightly clean those slides...with PLEDGE!

PPS--I found that out after I hit Mach 1 post-launch on the Circus one.

PPPS--You've been warned. Slide at your own risk.

PPPPS--Fear the Pledge!

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