Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He's Smart

The other night at church some of us were just sitting around and chatting. My kids were at our feet playing (fighting...whatever you want to call it) when they both did something that caused Hubs to get on to them both.

Now, understand...BOTH of my kids have their own forms of drama.

When Luke gets in trouble, he usually (literally) throws his entire body in a very dramatic tumble to the floor and wails.

Picture as if he was running along and someone tripped both his feet. There you go!

Belle's typical response to this? "Oh we go with the drama again!"

When Belle gets in trouble, hand go to her mouth...the water works start...the doe eyes keep looking up to see if it is working...then the wails...SOBS come...oh and the very whiny the point of choking...hyperventalating...etc and so on.

We other females know how this works.

Back to the original story...

For some reason, Luke just said "Ok. Sorry, Daddy." But I saw Belle's hands begin to go to her mouth. I said, "UH-UH we aren't EVEN going there, Sista! D-R-Y-I-T-U-P!"

She oh-so-dramatically ran out the sanctuary.

Luke's non-typical-but-priceless-response? "Uh-oh. She's going to the bathroom to scream and cry again."

All as he in his own 3 year old way rolled his eyes.

You go have already began to figure out girls!


Alison said...

Oh my goodness! That is HILARIOUS!

The Burns Family said...

I am laugh-crying over this! Since Camille is an only child - she does ALL of these.

The Proctors said...

I'm cracking up! That is too funny...Luke has definitely caught on to us girls!! His fits sound a lot like ours with Landon!

Andrea said...

*Note to self* Do not be dramatic with my boyfreeen it don't work! LOL...that cracks me up! And i selfishly am glad to know Camryn is not the only drama queen around!

AliciaG said...

LOL!!!! those two are priceless. I would say that little Luke has definitely figured out girls and their tactics!