Monday, March 23, 2009

Way to Go Belle!

We had Parent/Teacher conferences on Thursday.

And I know she is a very smart kid, but hearing it from her teacher and student-teacher is so encouraging!

Her report card was all straight "+" and "E" and above and beyond what she should know.

But then, Mrs. Jennifer showed us a list of sight words she was sending home with all the parents to use over the summer to get the kids ready for 1st grade.

Then she put it up and gave us a list of more and different words because she already knew all of the other list and Mrs. Jennifer knew she could do it.

It was words that she will need to know by the end of the 1st 9 weeks of 1st Grade.

You go, Girl!

PS--The words "1st Grade" about made me pass out in my short little chair.


AliciaG said...

Way to go Belle! Oh yeah, she is more than ready or First Grade! She will do more than well!

Kelly said...

You go Belle! That's GREAT

bec said...

She gets her smarts from my side of the family!! :)