Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who's That Girl--Revisited

So, it's been almost a year and half since I did this.

And since then it has only changed in little bits here and there. Shorter in spots...sassier in others.

But it was time for a little more drastic change.

So, in McAllisters the other day we see this beautifully young lady who is in there with her dance troop. Now, let me just say that they were all WAY too trendy for me! I mean, they could have all been on America's Next Top Model and won.

Anywho David and I both comment on how cute her hair is. AND she's a red-head. So, I ask her if I can take her picture (that is the same way I got my previous hairstyle) and she says, "Sure, if I can pose for you."


Then, this Tuesday night I took the photos to my hairdresser and she said it would look great on me.

And we did it!

I like it, but I kept making the comment that I felt I was too old for this cut. So my hairdresser's daughter (16 mind you) pipes up with, "Well, how old are you?"

"Almost 31."

"Wow! I thought you were, like, 23 or 24."

Bless you, my child. Bless you.

Time to invest in glasses, precious.


Andrea said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!! You are NOT too old for this! And as for the post above...I'll be praying!

bec said...

Absolutely gorgeous! YOU could be ANTM!!!

bec said...

Absolutely gorgeous! YOU could be ANTM!!!