Saturday, April 18, 2009

Date Night

Friday night we went on a date with Mom and Dad (for their 27th wedding anniversary) to Murray's Dinner Theater.

I didn't fail to impress again!

This time we saw the musical "Little Shop of Horrors" and it was great!

The anniversary couple...still in love after every storm that has come their way. Doesn't mom look great? And of course...Daddy-o is pretty cute too.

My Hubs acting all crazy AGAIN. He said let's take a serious one and I said nah...this is just how we roll!

We even ran into some friends!

This is my mentor Tammy and her friend Ann's granddaughter, Sage. Isn't she beautiful? And Tammy...check out her hot new hair! Anyway, Sage turned 15 and this is her tradition now for her birthday. What a great tradition.

This is Ann and her husband Fred. Don't you just love her? I mean look at her! I bet you would never guess how young she is. Now that I'm getting to know her a little, I'm guessing...about 30! I feel like I've known her for years and I just only met her recently. You see...the way Tammy has talked about her all this time is enough to convince me she is the cat's meow!

And the best part? Tammy says she learned about true friendship and love from her. And I'm learning from Tammy.

So that means...she IS the cat's meow!


Alison said...

Joanie looks AWESOME!!!

bec said...

Awe!! Happy Anniversary Joe and Joanie! They look amazing as always and Joanie...what a hottie!
Tammy's hair looks awesome too!!
Fun times!