Monday, May 4, 2009

Should I Be Scared?

So, Belle was being really sweet and coloring a photo on the way to school each day.

Trying to get it just right for her precious, beautiful, elegant Momma.

I took some author liberties there.

I sweet when Hubs told me about it.

Till he told me what she had to do to make sure it looked more like me.

Then I laughed.

Out Loud.

Becuase you see the flat top on top? I guess that is my new signature. I mean, her friends at school think I'm the cool mom simply b'c of my hair, so guess that's my knew trademark.

However, allow me to make some observations here:

1. The shorts...WAY too short. I mean, not even in my size 5 days did I wear shorts that short. I mean, i've never had great legs. But then again, neither does bubble girl. And someone should tell her that all polka dots do is add to the dimpl-age look.

2. way! These 30-year-old arms carry way too much o' the baggage to be fully exposed. Of course it's still baby fat I'm carrying around from my 3-year-old. I mean, they say that your baby fat should be gone by the time your baby is a year old, but I would like to see the truth finally come to the surface...SURELY they meant 10 not 1. I'm holding fast to that.

3. Ballet flats make me look shorter than I actually am, ya know. So they aren't a welcome accessory to my vast wardrobe. Vast as in 3 dress pants and 2 jeans and 5 interchangeable shirts. Yes, vast it is.

4. I would never be in a field blowwing bubbles. There is too much laundry to be done and apple juice to scrub out of the carpet for me to be wasting precious time frolicking in a field while aspiring to expel all of my air in a futile attempt to entertain the children with my clumsiness with bubbles. Just ask my 2 ankle-biters.

5. If you let the pigtails down, I'm sure it would look much akin to The Mullet. That is, if I would ever wear pigtails.

And thus goes my vignette on my daughter's precious picture.


Kelly said...

I haven't laughed this hard in a while simply looking at the picture. How fun

MrsKing said...

Great post. Be sure to keep that picture with a copy of this blog for your daughter when she is older.

Alison said...

Come know blowing bubbles is way more fun than laundry and scrubbing floors!

I'm glad I finally got to see this picture! Hilarious!