Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Friends come and go.

Some friends are forever and some friends are for a season.

Some friends bring life...others take it.

But there is this one friend who it has become time to part ways with. She's been around for awhile. She has seen both of my kids born and grow up. She has been faithful.

Or so I thought.

You see...over the years, she has been lying to me.

And my forever friends know one thing.

I HATE being lied to more than anything else.

Sometimes, though, I let it go on and on and on until one day I'm done. I will not be lied to anymore. It's draining, ya know?

That is the point I have come to with this friend. I'm thankful for all she has done for me thru the years. I'm thankful that she was there for me every time I needed her.

But the lies...they are just too much to take anymore.

So, goodbye, old friend.

H-E-L-L-O Gorgeous!

See, my old camera has been losing it's focus and flash for quite some time now. So have been researching and borrowing all sorts of cameras to find just the right fit for me. I've read reviews, taken photos, etc and finally decided on the camera FOR ME!

However, I'm cheap when it comes to myself.

I get most of my clothes, shoes, purses etc either for free from the clothes closet or as gifts of love or from the Goodwill.

I truly can't tell you the last time I used real money to buy real clothes in a real department store.

So, I've been sitting on this camera until I got the gumption to ask for it for my birthday.

Now, here's another area where I'm usually very cautious (aka frugal). I usually ask for nothing when someone wants to know what I want for my birthday. And I usually wind up with some gift card to somewhere. So asking for something this big was really a stretch for me.

But boy, am I glad I did!

So, my in-laws, parents, Hubs and best friends all threw money in the pot for the sake of my new best friend.

AND since I'm such a bargain shopper, I got ALL OF THIS for a fraction of the cost of just the camera at most places. The only 2 things that were shipped separately and should be here soon is the remote control and the UV digital lenses. Woo hoo!

(They arrived yesterday!)

Here are some photos with my new friend, Nikki, that Hubs and I took (since he captured my camera and played with it all day before me!) You can click on them to make them bigger and see the different beauties that I learned in just one day! Without even applying all of the photographic skills I have been jotting down while I awaited this baby.


Hubs playing with the focus on weeds. That's my man!

A pretty flower.

I headed outside and got this jump shot of Baby Boy with the sports feature.

Focusing on the water

Man, she is even georgous thru Nikki!


AliciaG said...

OH you are going to be so glad you got this camera! Your pictures are already looking super and you have only had it a little while. What are the details of the camera? Megapixels? features? etc.
Love the pictures of Luke and Belle in the water!

The Proctors said...

You will LOVE your new camera!! I can already tell that you are getting some great shots! We love our Nikon!

Andrea said...

LOVE it!!! I love when pics are focused on other things such as the water in the one of Luke etc...YAY CONTRATS!

Anonymous said...

so I dont see the price sheet anywhere??? I know u are going to love your new job when you can go full time!!!! the pics look great I hope you enjoy it. love ya Steph

Anonymous said...

BILLY JO! YOU kill me....calling the camera Nikki!!! I love you sister!

bec said...

"Click click click with my Nikon, click with my Sony, girl I ain't no phony, you know you don't own me" Sorry...I had to throw some NKOTB lyrics in there! So, when can I book you for my photo session?