Friday, June 12, 2009

The Rest of the

I got the photos that Mr. Jim took in and despite the wierd colors messing up the quality, I loved what he got!

Here we go:

The YUMMY cake from Kroger! Congrats, Mrs Jennifer's class!

The school bus cookies that Belle and I made for each of the graduates.

My 1st Grader, the Scientist!

Mrs Jennifer brought to tears. YES!

The kids doing their high kicks to "1st Grade-1st Grade" (to the tune of New York-New York). It was priceless!

My scientist getting her diploma

The graduating class of 2012!

The Barber-Overstreet-Tindall Bunch!

We were just missing Tammy and Katy :-(

With Alison and John.

It was really a very fun night.

Even if I wouldn't have been the event coordinator.

But that helped.

But what made it the best?

Baby Girl's prayer that night before bed: "Thank you, Lord for putting this idea in my Momma's head. She sure does make life fun."

Amen, Baby Girl. So do you.

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AliciaG said...

Awww...what a sweet night! And I love Alison's hair!