Friday, September 4, 2009

It IS Harder

I am in the middle of a Womens Group Study right now that is one of the toughest...correction...THE toughest study I have ever done.

It is called "A Call to Die" by David Nasser.

Holy pajamas!

The link above gives you a synopsis of the book. But let me tell you...if you are NOT wanting God to point out the stuff in your life that is deeper in the recesses of your mind and soul...the places you didn't even know existed...don't start it!

The author even calls you to fast from something...something in the world that is taking a wrong place in your life while you allow Him to spend 40 days (or in our case 40 weeks) helping you die to yourself.

Guess what?

Dying is painful! The ripping away of flesh is oh, so painful.

But so much more worth it.

Nasser says in just the introduction, "It's much easier to be a nice Chrstian than a radical one. It's much more fun to be entertained by Jesus and the church than to struggle and strain in the pursuit of purity and the presence of God."

Ouch! But oh, how true!

As I started this study I saw a sign on a little country church sign that says, "Character is not what you show everyone. Character is what is done in the dark."

Oh, Lord! Tear away the flesh so that my dark and light characters not only are equal but bear witness to You.

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"Holy Pajamas" is RIGHT!