Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Long Line of 'Em

Girls, that is.

We all know he has Andurah and Cam. We saw him here making his moves on one of them.

Then, there's me and Baby Girl. He alternates between which of us is his "girlfreen" as well.

So, at the Vilonia ball game the other night he had all but one of his girls from church around to photograph with and soaked up every ounce of doting they did on him.

This one had a guy with her and I'm thinking he was making sure he made known where her heart lies.

This one was out on the field teaching all sorts of other girls and plus...she has had his heart for some time now.

This one he is still trying to see if she will take him to Harvest Party at CBC. He has a suit...

And this one he has wrapped around both pinkies and pinky toes.

AND...they all know about each other.

Help! I gotta break this habit before Kindergarten.


Andrea said...

Typical of my boyfreeeens to have all these other women. ;) somehow I cant help but love him, though!!!!!!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm pretty sure I was there first....

The Burns Family said...

Too late - it's a lost cause, Billie. But, it could be worse, right? Love it...look how big he smiles for the ladies!!