Tuesday, October 27, 2009

THIS is What Happens When You Give Her a Camera of Her Own

So, my Baby Girl has had her own little pink camera for awhile now. She periodically takes pictures that I like to grab and post to humiliate her when she is older.

I care.

Last night when she did this video I KNEW it had to be added to my blog for all friends and family to see.

Eventhough it has a Heifer on it in her PJ's cleaning the house.

I sacrifice for your entertainment.

So, grab a dramamine, sit back and enjoy the show.


Alison said...

Oh my lands!! I had to watch twice to take in all the web-show goodness! Crackin' up through the whole thing.

Andrea said...

HAHAHHAHA....that's hilarious...although I am a little sea sick now. No worries, I'll go throw up and be fine. :) My favorite part... "he is stubborn" hahahah!!!

Tiffany said...

Wow. I love how everyone was addicted to something...then poor Lukey is just stubborn!

bec said...

She's a triple threat...actor, producer, and director!!!