Friday, February 19, 2010

I Have to Share Him Now

My Hubs' heart that is.

I have to share it.

With a girl named "Taylor".

She even flaunts her name in tattoo form!

Her's apparently always pleasant. Never nagging. She needs to learn that every now and then she can speak up. But she just bends and bows to his every command. Crazy lady!

Look at this! She even lets him control her every move. NUTS!

But THIS...this is where I have her beat.

Her hips are WAAAAYYYY wider than mine!



Alison said...

Hips Don't Lie!!! LOL!

Andrea said...

I will take her out, if I need to! I'm a fighter not a lover..LOL! Sooo glad he got her!

Billie said...

I Knew ya'll were behind me!