Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One Girl's Answered Prayer

Ever since our last snow-in (just shortly over a week ago) my Baby Girl has had one prayer.

For there to be another snow that would only allow us to use the 4 Wheeler.

While it wasn't quite that bad, the 6 inches we got did give her just the excuse that she needed to sweet talk her Daddy into busting out the wheeler.

They look like they all rather enjoyed themselves. And that Hubs of mine...he is such a good Daddy. All of his gloves were packed up and the back tires were partially flat and made his hands bleed while fixing it...but he still had a blast making memories with my babies.

After the boys had come in and were taking a shower, Baby Girl wanted to just stay outside by herself for a while. She just walked and wandered around and played herself. When I came out to get her, I found she had made these 2 little snowmen that were apparently she and I.

I'm the big one

On the left

In MAJOR need of a diet

After all were warm again we came in and shared some yummy snow icecream.

Looks like she busted out the crazy-eye for this one!

I said it once, I'll say it again. PLEASE COME SOON SPRING!!!


AliciaG said...

What precious memories and pictures! Loved the ones of them on the 4-wheeler!

Kelly said...

I'm with you - COME ON SPRING!!