Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Family Night Edition #38


(That's the Olympic Theme Song in case you didn't hear it clear enough.)

In honor of the closing ceremonies that were Sunday night, we did an Olympic Themed Family Night!

Complete with the real theme music in case you didn't hear.

We began with the parade of nations and torch ceremony all together. Here is our representative from Italy. Bon Journo!

We had tacos in honor of our host country and health food and drinks for the athletes.

After a tense showing of our wastebasket toss (a hit in Russia) skills...

We watched with great cheers the crab walk competition. Here, our representative from France shows us the proper way to support your flag and still be aerodynamic. Bonjour!

Our representative from Mexico demonstrates the proper balloon move technique. Look at her form! Hola!

We then began the final competition of the games...Just Dance. It looks to me like the judge for the ceremonies, in an illegal move, tried to participate in games. She's from Japan, Konichiwa!

It's down to the final three. Look at their determination...I do believe that our representative from Germany took this competition. Hallo!

Getting ready for their medals...

And just look at all the countries who won here today! We will see you at the next Overstreet Games!!!!

That judge looks a hair worn out...somebody call a medic!

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Andrea said...

HAHAHAHAH these pictures crack me up!