Monday, March 29, 2010

Someone Obviously Let the Animals Loose

That would be my two I'm talking about here. Not necessarily the ones at the zoo!

Last week was spring break and with the impending house stuff coming up we needed to save our time. However, we did spring and take off an impromptu day on Wednesday.

Our original plans were foiled by a little 13 year old attitude that made it's way to the surface, so we wound up at the zoo. We hadn't taken the Poptart to the zoo since he was about two, so this was sure to please!

And it did not disappoint! Most of the animals were out and the kids enjoyed themselves. My absolute favorite moments included Baby Boy SCREAMING at all of the animals while thoroughly entertaining innocent bystanders and Baby Girl trying, but to no avail, to calm him down.

It. Was. A. Riot.

The best was when he was yelling at the Bald Eagles to "COME'RE AND PWAY WIF ME BIRDY!" And Baby Girl proceeds with, "SHHHHH! That is our Nation's Bird you are yelling at!"

She's nothing if not practical.

I got lots of fun photos of the kiddos here for your viewing pleasure.

Here's to hoping you smell the zoo as you peruse these pics!

My 2 men...they make me smile

Ok...the kids just loved watching folks feed the giraffe, but it kind grossed me out! Yuck!

This boys eyes pierce straight into my heart!

These 2 cracked my stuff up! Not only were they doing the exact thing I would have LOVED to have been doing (lounging around on MY log in the back yard) but they were completely ignoring one another!

do you ever just wished you could be this lion? totally the one in charge and without a care in the world? Just me? Oh...

Look at my sweet family!

Baby Girl's favorite thing to do is tote Baby Boy around. So, of course, she had to here as well. She's trying to do something sweet and look at his Cheshire cat grin!

Daddy snapped this shot of me and Baby Girl. We so rarely get pics together that I adore this (despite my lines and wrinkles)

Ok...those of you that have been around for most of Baby Girl's life...can you see something in this pic? Can you see the little paint brush on top of her head? Oh. My. Word. I. Can!

Another reason I love this pic so much is that it shows their personalities to a TEE!

Woo hoo! I got sugars to end my day! Score one for Momma!

I wished you all could be this lucky...


AliciaG said...

Precious pictures of a precious family who is dear to my heart.

Kelly said...

Those are so sweet! Love the shot of you and Belle....mother daughter love at its best. Looks like a great day at the zoo!

Andrea said...

These pics are GREAT! LOVE them all. (i dont see the paint brush though? what am I missing?)