Monday, April 26, 2010

A Tough Cleaning Day

For the last time I got out my Windex and Tilex and began to clean my old house for the last time.

I knew when our house was put on the market that leaving it would be tough. And as I walked thru cleaning different areas that I have cleaned every so often over the last 10 1/2 years, emotion began to take over.

This was IT! We knew it before we ever even walked in with our realtor that day in 1999. I can even remember when we wound up in our Master closet while the realtor was making a call and our little baby faced selves jumping for joy knowing we had found our first home! The home we would raise a family in.

Oh, these numbers. These numbers have been messed up by so many thru the years b'c all numbers on our street goes in fives. But 2545 was mine. 2545 was the first address My Girl learned. 2545 was the first address My Boy learned. 2545 was home.

These bricks just out our back door was the first pic we took of our sweet baby JRT named Sissy. She was only 2 bricks tall then. These very bricks.

I used to have a couch in front of this spot right here. It was on this very couch that I mourned the loss of Baby #1. #2. #3. #4. This very spot. This very window.

I walked thru this door twice with my 2 little blessings. My Girl. Then My Boy. The dog went crazy both times and my eyes were artisan wells both times. The door to my house opened to the doors of my heart.

I stared out this window for many months. It was where my old nursery rocker was. I hummed songs. Soothed sick cries. Fed hungry mouths. And smelled that baby smell. Sometimes the moonlight was my friend coming thru that window as it shined in the quiet only broken by the gentle breaths of my newborn.

I laughed out loud when I took this pic! For some reason (truth be told it was probably the DO NOT ENTER latch on the doors that taunted them) both of my kids used these cabinets to keep learning to pull up on. To wobbly walk on. I even have a cute photo of My Girl standing here in a white tee and denim overalls and the chubbiest drooly grin.

This was the spot where I got a pic of My Girl taking her very first steps ever. It's also where my girl poked my eye out with a stick! Literally still paying for that one.

I didn't say they were all FOND memories...

We have slid down this driveway in the snow. My Boy has skinned his forehead falling down this driveway in the dry. Many a love note has been written on this driveway to a tired and overworked Mommy to see when she came home from work.

Stupid Rain wouldn't let me keep em. Don't worry...I have a photographic memory.

When My Girl began to learn to ride her bike for the first time...many a tear were shed right here as she fell and hurt herself. She vowed then and there never to learn again.

Wait a minute? How did this get in here? THIS WAS WHERE I HAD MY FIRST ENCOUNTER WITH A COPPERHEAD!

Nevermind. Let's move!

As I was putting my camera up, this picture stopped me dead in my tracks. Because, you see, this house holds a lot of memories for me. Some good...some not so good. But they all have shaped me into who I am and they will always be with me. And all those people on that wall are part of my life and and are going with me and will help make new memories in 7 Linda Lane West.

And quite frankly...I couldn't be more excited!

PS--And it helped that the little turkey lying on the couch said "Take me wif you, Momma!" find a box big enough...


Kelly said...

This one made me cry. You will carry all of these memories with you in your heart.

And I laughed OUT LOUD at "take me wif you". What a sweet baby!! Love him!

Andrea said... and the dang tears you bring to my eyes. I'm a lil sad myself. I have memories there too. Like the time I saved the day with the pain issue in your bedroom (cant really remember what happened, I just know I saved the day...i mean, that's all that matters anyway :) ). Most importantly, the memory of the hours spent on your bed the night you took time away from your family to talk to me, cry with me, laugh with me and share God's gift of restoration with me. LIFE CHANGING moment right there in that house! So excited to see the new one and see the memories that will be made in this next chapter of life for y'all!

Rebecca said...

Ahh, I know there's so many mixed emotions to moving! Congratulations on your new home and I know you'll make many new wonderful memories there, too! :)