Wednesday, May 12, 2010

He Did It

When I met Hubs he was working toward getting his degree in Youth and Music. After a number of years of interesting turns of events, he was always about 1 semester away from whatever. He kept attempting to go back and everything would fall apart and he couldn't keep going.

Finally about a year and a half ago, the Lord told him to go back.

And to get a degree in ministry.

What? Have any of you met me? I'm not exactly the wife type for whatever the Lord has in store for Hubs.

But then again, He gave me to Hubs, so I guess we just have to trust Him huh?

After almost 2 years of me pretty much being a single mom, December 1st of last year was his last class. He. Was. Escatic!!!!

He never really planned to walk, but I kinda talked him into it. Not for himself as much as for everyone that was so proud of him! Including our kids.

So, this past Saturday Hubs walked across the stage and received an empty folder that signified he graduated with his Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Ministry.

Couldn't be prouder of ya, babe!

My handsome graduate!

This was the point where his Momma bust into what I fondly refer to as "The Ugly Cry". You know the one I'm talking about...

Baby Girl did a little "woot woot" at this point. I laughed.

Since Baby Boy didn't get to go, we got their pics together back at home. That girl there, though...couldn't have beamed any more than she already did!

Our whole family. We are all so very proud of him!

Excited to see what God has instore for you and our family after your act of faithful obedience. We love you!

PS--As I was editing the photos from that day, I noticed a progression of pics that were too funny not to share.

Welcome to Our Crazy!

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Alison said...


I think it should be noted that David seems to be the only "normal" person in the progression of pics!