Tuesday, June 15, 2010

29 with 3 Years Experience

So, Yesterday I turned 32.

Ahem...29+3 years experience is really all I'm claiming though.

It was a nice day for the most part. I had a bazillion and 12 birthday wishes either from Facebook, phone calls (including some stellar vocal arrangements), emails and text messages.

It was a technological treasure that would make the postal carriers weep.

I was allowed to spend the afternoon sans kiddos and hubs and then met my parents at a local yummy place for some grub. Opened some presents, ate some free dessert, and was sang to by my family and loved every note of my little off key son.

By the end of the evening some news I heard had put a little damper on my day and as I went to bed I was pondering on my last 32 years.

32 Years.
32 Years with some of the best moments I could imagine.
32 years with some of the stupidest choices ever.
32 years with laughter, tears, joy and sorrow.
32 years with new friends, old friends and constant friends.
32 years with the 3 loves of my life.

So double that is 64. WOW! So then I thought of what I want to do between now and then if the Lord allows me to live that long. So by 64 I want to be able to say:

I loved more in the 2nd 32
I laughed more in the 2nd 32
I enjoyed more in the 2nd 32
I trusted more in the 2nd 32
I died to myself more in the 2nd 32
I lived more in the 2nd 32

Because by then, I'll be 29 with 35 years experience!


Tiffany said...

Wow, you're getting so old!

The Proctors said...

Happy Birthday to you yesterday!! Love this post! 32 is a great age!!