Monday, April 25, 2011

A Celebration Weekend

It happens every so often. Twice since I have been an Overstreet, actually.

My Mother-in-Laws birthday falls on Resurrection weekend. And all she wanted this year was for "her kids to be home with her". And since last Sunday was our last Sunday at our home church, we were free to do this.

Now, I knew it would be an emotional weekend for me in general. This would be my first Easter in 10 years to not be spent with that church family, but we are praying for them to be blessed going forward! But I need for my kids to know that one of my sweetest moments of this weekend was getting to share their testimony via God's people with some of the Overstreets who didn't know my testimony. To see God's faithfulness amazed me again!

Ok. So back to my Mother-in-Law! We spoke her love language this weekend. ANYTHING she wanted to do, we did! We surprised her and showed up uber-early Friday and went for a drive to "the big town" around them and I helped her pick out the paint for her house. The next day, her actual birthday, was such a blessing to her. And anyone who knows her knows that you could read it all over her face! My kiddos went in and woke her up singing "Happy Birthday". Now, the power was out, but we found a way to make the morning still enjoyable (insert the fact that I didn't want to sweat so I laid in bed until 9:00...GLORY!) Just before My Man and his dad got home from an early morning fishing trip, the power came back on and Grammie got to work on Easter festivities with the kids. She made some peanut butter Rice Krispie treats and the kiddos shaped them into some fun candy filled eggs.

Then it came time to die their eggs!

Being silly with Grandpa

Some of our very colorful eggs

Then it was time for my favorite part of Grammie's birthday...

Our crappie fish fry!!!! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm....

Made by 2 of my favorite menfolk. These boys know how to cook some crappie, let me tell you!

That evening we headed out to some more family's house so I could do a senior session but more importantly so we could visit and catch up with each other.

It was then time for Sunday morning. Resurrection Day!

2 Very blessed grandchildren

2 Very blessed parents

Woooweeee! We CAN clean up nicely.

These two are so special to me. We have had our ups and downs, but they treat me as though I were their own. I'm so thankful for them! My father-in-law will go out of his way to make sure I know he loves me so very much.

Like father like son.

The Overstreet Family on Resurrection Morning.

After an AMAZING worship time that ended with the most phenomenal rendition of "The Hallelujah Chorus" I have EVER heard, we headed back to spend the day with family. After some yummy lunch we all headed out by the pool and spent hours (literally...hours) talking and laughing until we cried!

And that, my a weekend to celebrate!

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